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You can view many reports, from simple lists of your transactions to full VAT Return reports.

Click a report to select it, enter any information needed such as as start and end dates, and choose to view the report as HTML or as PDF.

HTML Reports

HTML reports are good for getting a quick report, and are great on mobile devices. Their layout is flexible so they fit better on smaller screens. When viewing a HTML report you can save the report using your browser's File / Save menu option. This will save the report as a HTML file that you can view offline. You can print the report with the File / Print menu option.

PDF Reports

PDF reports are great when you want to print a report. What you see on screen is exactly what will be printed. If you cannot view PDF reports you should install the Adobe PDF Viewer, which is available from or your app store. MS Windows, Apple Mac, Android and iOS (iPhone) all have different PDF viewers, but they all have options for printing the report, and can save the report as a PDF file for use offline.